Whiting, NJ

Rules & Regs


 An Active Adult Community


EFFECTIVE   October 7, 2016



Since Rules and Regulations are subject to change, check with the office for the most current version


          A.  In order that all residents are treated fairly and equally and in order to keep Village VI an attractive and desirous place in which to live, the Board of Trustees has promulgated the following Rules and Regulations.  Violations of such Rules and Regulations subject the violator to the imposition of fines as outlined in Item 10 Enforcement.

     B. Rules and Regulations are subject to modification or termination at any time, so that other rules and regulations may be established if deemed desirable or appropriate by the Board of Trustees.

     C. Users of Village facilities are advised that courteous and civil behavior by Village residents and their guests is required at all times.  Those who refuse to conduct themselves within these guidelines will be requested to leave the premises and are subject to disciplinary action by the Board of Trustees.


     A.  The term “Roadway” as used herein includes all streets, roads, courts, cul-de-sacs, fingers   and  access driveways to common property.

     B.  There shall be no parking during or after a snowfall on any roadway until after snow removal equipment has finished clearing roadways and private driveways.

     C.  Do not park a vehicle (occupied or unoccupied) in the followings places:

                  (1)    Within an intersection.

                  (2)    On a crosswalk or within 50 feet of a crosswalk. 

                  (3)    In front of a driveway or on a driveway where the vehicle extends onto the roadway. 

                  (4)    In any space marked “No Parking” or other area reserved specifically for designated residents, Village officers and employees. 

                  (5)     Within 10 feet of a Stop Sign. 

                  (6)     Within 10 feet of a fire hydrant, mail box or in-ground trash receptacle. 

                  (7)     Alongside or opposite a roadway excavation or obstruction when stopping, standing or parking would obstruct traffic or create a dangerous condition. 

                  (8)     Double parking is not allowed. 

                  (9)     In any space marked for the physically handicapped unless authorized by law to use such space. 

                 (10)     On lawns or other areas similarly maintained.      

     D.  Park vehicles parallel with and on the right hand side of the roadway and with wheels on the concrete gutter.  

     E.  Finger streets and driveways in Quad areas are for access to the homes thereon.  Do not park in these areas in such manner that will impede, obstruct or block easy access of emergency vehicles or the other homeowners as it must be available for turning around.

     F.  Disabled vehicles or unoccupied vehicles parked or standing in violation are subject to removal by the Village.  Vehicle owner shall pay legal fees and all other costs for removal and storage.

     G.  Do not park on Village streets, courts, cul-de-sacs, finger streets or access driveways between the hours of 1:00 AM and 6:00 AM.  During these times, use the Deerfield Hall parking lot.  Parking areas for complexes are reserved exclusively for the residents therein.  There is no overnight parking  allowed.

     H.  Speed limit in the Village is 25 MPH.  Stop signs at intersections must be observed.  Speed limits as well as other applicable NJ Motor Vehicle violations are subject to enforcement by the Manchester Police Department.

     I.  Do not park motor homes , boats, campers or other attachable trailers on streets, courts, driveways or common property.  Temporary parking for up to 72 hours is allowed at the Deerfield Hall parking lot with permit available from the Maintenance Office.  Sleeping or cooking in such vehicles is prohibited.

     J.  Do not park trucks, buses or other commercial vehicles overnight in any parking lot, driveway, street or court.

     K.  Park vehicles head-on in parking areas adjacent to buildings to avoid exhaust fumes from entering the homes.

     L.  Bicycles, mechanical wheelchairs and tricycles are considered vehicles and must travel on Village roadways the same as automobiles, observing all stop signs and staying on the right hand side of the road.  They must be equipped with headlight and rear light for night riding.  All applicable municipal and governmental regulations concerning safety devices and rules of the road must be observed.

     M.  Do not push, shovel, blow or deposit snow onto Village roadways.

     N.  Parking of unregistered or uninspected vehicles on Village property is prohibited.  The Trustees may provide for the removal of such vehicles.  The vehicle owner shall pay all costs associated with such removal and storage.


      A.   Do not park in reserved spaces. 

      B.   Do not park where curbs are painted yellow. 

      C.   Parking permits are required for other than daily clubhouse or bus trip activities.  Permits are available from the administration office for vehicles that are operational, registered and with a current inspection sticker, and are owned by a Village resident or guest.  Place parking permit so as to be visible from the outside. 

      D.   The Trustees may provide for the removal of vehicles in violation of the above rules and regulations.  The vehicle owner shall pay all costs associated with such removal and storage. 

      E.    Use the upper rear lot only for parking related to bus trips.  

      F.    No overnight parking  allowed in main lot.  Park in upper rear lot with permit displayed.


     A. Although Village roadways are private property, NJ State license laws are applicable.

     B. No one is allowed to operate a motor vehicle in Village VI without a valid driver’s license or learner’s permit.  A driver with a learner’s permit must be accompanied in the front seat by a person with a valid driver’s license. 


     A. Keep to the right side of the roadway and exercise due care when passing a standing vehicle or one proceeding in the same direction. 

                  (1) To travel no more than two abreast when traffic is not impeded.  Otherwise,  ride single file. 

     B.  Bicycles when used after dark shall be equipped with lights on the front and rear visible from at least 500 feet; white on the front and red on the rear.


      A.   Walk only on the extreme left side of the roadway facing oncoming traffic. 

      B.   When walking after dark, carry a flashlight and or wear reflective clothing.


7.1  INSURANCE GUIDELINES                    

Guidelines for homeowners regarding loss control measures to reduce future claims.

    a.  Replace washing machine hoses with new “twenty year” hoses

    b.  Annually clean fireplace chimneys

    c.  Replace old hot water heaters prior to their leaking.

    d.  Dryer vents are to be professionally cleaned annually.


Failure of the homeowner to follow these recommended guidelines may result in loss of coverage to the affected homeowner.  This supersedes all previous insurance documents previously distributed.


     A.  Shutters and wood shakes may be painted or replaced with Trustees approval.

     B.  Exterior house painting requires trustees approval.  When submitting the request form, a color chip and the name of the manufacturer must be included.  Colors must conform to the color standards set for the village by the Board of Trustees. Multi unit dwellings must be painted entirely in one color.

     C.  Any home painted a different color than the approved color must be repainted at the home owner’s expense.

     D.  No signs  of any nature, except work permits, are permitted on the exterior of any building, dwelling unit or grounds.  No sign or similar display in the interior of the home shall be visible from the exterior.  A small unlighted sign showing the name of the occupant is permitted. 

     E.  No home shall be in conflict with residential zoning regulations  of Manchester Township. 

     F.  Private garage sales and porch sales are prohibited in the Village except for village wide garage sales sponsored by the village.  Estate and moving sales will be permitted. No signs advertising the sale or giving direction to the sale are permitted.

    G.  TV’s and radios shall be turned low after 11:00 PM.  No short wave radio transmitters without Trustee approval.  Outside antennas are not permitted, except small TV Dishes subject to Trustee approval.

    H.  Do not store anything in crawl spaces.

    I.   Exterior grounds when not in use for walks, driveways, planting areas and patios shall be kept and maintained as lawn grass.  No stones or other material are permitted in lawn areas.

    J.  An underground sprinkler system connected to the public water supply must have a back check valve to prevent contamination of the public water system.  Such systems must receive Trustee and Manchester Township approval.

    K.  If additional exterior lighting is desired submit a written request to the Trustees describing the type of light or lights to be installed, as well as their locations.  If approved, all electrical work shall be performed by a licensed electrician at resident’s expense. 

    L.  Listed below are some examples of home and grounds alterations which in accordance with these rules and regulations are currently permitted, subject to Trustee approval, and where required, Township approval.  Additional alterations may be permitted.  Kindly submit all requests using forms provided by the Administration Office.  It should be noted that all work requiring Trustee approval, including those listed above and below are subject to inspection.

          1.  Patios  and decks  are not to be constructed in such manner that will obstruct natural drainage.  Patios and decks may not exceed 220 square feet in area. 

          2.  Patio enclosures using screens and/or windows. 

          3.  Concrete walks, not to exceed 3 feet in width.  The same is true for natural stone walks, concrete squares or rounds. 

          4.  Concrete pads around in-ground trash receptacles. 

          5.  Patio covers, maximum size 220 square feet.  Include proposed color with application. 

          6.  Request to install awnings  must include proposed color with application. 

          7.  Attic Fans.  Place on the roof in the rear of the attic not facing the street and not extending above the roof more than 8 inches.  New installation by a licensed electrician. 

          8.  Railings Maximum height 42 inches. 

          9.  Room air conditioners. Unit must be permanently mounted through the wall and not in the window opening. 

        10.  Screen or louvers incorporated in the garage door. 

        11.  Underground sprinkler with private well. 

        12.  Enclosed porches. 

        13.  Solar powered systems are permitted, however resident bears full responsibility for all maintenance of the system and supporting roof structure. 

        14.  Driveway widening  may be up to 3 feet on either or both sides. 

        15.  Storage Bins Storage bins are permitted subject to Trustee approval and to  the following terms and conditions.  Existing storage structures are grandfathered in as of the effective date of these rules and regulations. 

‚Äč               a.  In order to achieve reasonable uniformity of these units which may be visible from the street in some residences, only units manufactured by Suncast or equivalent will be permitted.  The following models by Suncast or equivalent are approved.

                           i.  Maximum size for vertical unit is 120 cubic feet.     (L x W x H)=cf.

                          ii.  Maximum size for horizontal unit is 40 cubic feet. (L x W x H)=cf. 

                b.   Requests must be submitted showing model desired, bin dimensions (length, width and height) and location in reference to the house.  Maximum of one (1) bin per house. 

                c. Bins shall be erected only at the rear of the house, either adjacent to or attached to the house.  Distance between house and bin shall not be greater than 3 feet.

                d. Bins shall be weatherproof and constructed of resinous material.  Wood or metal construction will not be approved.
                e. Colors are limited at this time, and wherever possible shall complement the color of the house.

                f. Bins must be placed on concrete or masonry bricks/blocks (full area of bin) or gravel base.

                g. Anchor vertical type bins to the ground to prevent wind movement.

                h. Bin doors must be lockable and secured at all times when not in use.

                i. Exterior storage on or around the bin is not permitted.

Except for the masonry or gravel base, assembly and installation of bins is available from the maintenance department at the prevailing pay rate.  Delivery of the units will be the resident’s responsibility.

        16.   Housekeeping If properties are allowed to become unsightly and detract from the Village established standards, the Trustees shall give the owner 30 days written notice directing that the condition be corrected.  In the event of non-compliance, the Trustees may levy a daily fine or cause the condition to be corrected and charge the owner for the costs of said correction. 

        17.  No resident shall, in any way, modify common grounds. 

        18.  Property owners are responsible for keeping trees and shrubs from becoming safety hazards.  Manchester Township mandates that shrubs must not block the line of vision from intersections or driveways.  In instances of non-compliance, the Trustees will require the hazard to be removed within 10 days.  If after 10 days the hazard continues, the Trustees shall cause the condition to be corrected and charge the owner for said correction. 

        19.  In order to protect personal property stored in the Carriage Sheds, residents of Edgemont and Fairfax models shall keep their garage doors closed when not in immediate use.  Installation and maintenance of electric motor operators and other opening and closing devices are the responsibility of the resident.


     A.  Do not define property lines with cinder blocks, bricks, hedges, shrubs, fences or fence like structures of any kind.  Also, see the Covenants and Restrictions.

     B.  Do not store receptacles such as metal or plastic trash cans along the outside wall of buildings, except for plastic receptacles in homes without garages.  Store these receptacles in inconspicuous locations.

     C.  Store water hoses after use.  Lawns will not be cut if hoses block mowers.     

     D.  Dumping of grass clippings, pine needles or trash is not permitted in wooded areascommon areas or on roadways.

     E.  Burning of trash, leaves, pine needles or rubbish is not permitted.  Open fires  are not permitted.

     F.  Open compost piles are not permitted.

     G.  Clothes wash or airing lines are not permitted in the open.  Lines may be installed in attics or garages and when in use, garage door must be fully closed.

     H. Store gasoline, kerosene or other flammable material in a UL approved container with maximum capacity of 5 gallons.  Do not allow combustible materials to accumulate.

      I. The law prohibits the use of space heaters in buildings with 3 or more dwelling units.  It is strongly urged that no space heaters be used due to their dangerous potential. 

          (1)   Do not use propane operated fire places or kerosene heating devices in or about any home.  Properly installed, township inspected, wood or pellet stoves are allowed. 

          (2)   Use propane operated barbecue grilles and stoves only “in the open”.  They shall not be brought in or under any fully enclosed area.  

          (3)   If electrical type heaters are used, extension cords must not be used.            

     J. No peddlers or solicitors of any kind are allowed in the Village.  Please report solicitors to the village administration office immediately.

     K. Do not use lawn mowers or other power tools prior to 8:00 AM or after 8:00 PM.


     A.  Do not allow dogs or cats to run free.  Pets must be controlled on a leash at all times when outside the home at all times. 

     B.  Pet droppings are owner’s responsibility and they should be removed to their own proper receptacle.    

     C.  Neighboring yards are not common ground.  Do not allow your dog to walk or to relieve itself on them.    

     D.  Anyone found in violation will be charged a $10.00 fine for each violation and any subsequent violations.

     E.  No home shall be used as a kennel.  No outdoor kennel or fened areas are allowed.  

     F.  Pets are not permitted to be housed in crawl space under the house.

     G.  Feeding of feral cats, stray animals, wild animals or fowl is prohibited and the offender will be subject to a fine as determined by Manchester Township.


     A. Since Village VI is an active adult community, visiting children must not be allowed to disturb the serenity of the community.

     B.  Visiting children are not permitted to run around grounds of any home other than where they are visiting.

     C.  Limit children’s visits to a 2 week continuous visitation period per year.  No children under the age of 19 may reside in the Village.  See the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions for more information.

     D.  Children must be accompanied by an adult when around the Village retention basin.  No boats are permitted on the basin.

     E.  Visitors and children are not permitted in the Clubhouse unless accompanied by a resident adult of the Village.

     F.  No person under the age of 18 is permitted in the Clubhouse pool room.

     G. No baseball, stickball or other games are permitted on the Village roadways.

     H. No playing, riding of bicycles, skate boards or scooters (manual or powered) without adult supervision.  Leaving these items on the roadway is not allowed. 

     I. All Clubhouse equipment is the property of Village VI, and must not be removed from premises.


A.  Established Authority

The Board of Trustees on behalf of the Community Association shall have the authority to enforce the terms of the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions, the By-Laws and these Rules and Regulations made known pursuant hereto, by any or all of the following: 

          (1)   By sending notice to the offending party to cause certain things to be done or undone. 

          (2)   Self help. 

          (3)   By restoring the Community Association to its original condition and charging the breaching party with the entire cost or any part thereof. 

          (4)   By taking any other action before any court, summary or otherwise, as may be provided by law.

B. Method of Enforcement – Investigation and Assessment of Fines

          (1)   Pursuant to the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions, a system shall be established whereby it is determined by suitable investigation that violations of the Village’s Covenants, By-Laws and Rules Regulations exist.           

          (2)   Consequently, violators shall be subject to fines until such time as the violation has ceased to be, or necessary remedial action has been taken by the homeowner. 

          (3)   All fines levied are deemed irrevocable and are to be considered as assignments against the homeowner responsible.  Collection shall be enforced by the Board of Trustees in the same manner the Board is entitled to enforce payment of other assessments. 

          (4)   Addresses and amounts of debt to the association of each unit in arrears in excess of $250.00 will be published in the association newsletter.

          (5)  For violations other than those against the Rules and Regulations, the Board has established 3 main categories of violations subject to fines as follows, and these 3 categories are subject to  Interest and Council Fees of the Declarations of Covenants and Restrictions: 

                  a.  Those involving administrative matters; these shall be automatic and will be imposed by the administrative staff.  These include late payments of maintenance fees, work orders, returned checks which will include bank fees or similar administrative violations. 

                  b.  Those presenting serious public danger; these include safety hazards , insurance violations, use and storage of materials, and similar dangerous conditions. These types of violations may be imposed immediately if justification warrants such action or may be delayed until a thorough investigation concludes such action is warranted.

                  c.   All other matters; other violations not covered in a. and b. above will be investigated and conclusions forwarded to the Board of Trustees for their review and action.  Such review may include ADR Review (alternate disputes resolution) which may relieve the violator from being assessed a fine, or a fine may be imposed.

          (6)  The Board shall further have the right to levy fines for violation of such regulations, provided that the fine for a single violation may not, under any circumstances exceed $10.00 for each day a violation continues after notice to the offender.

C. Alternative Dispute Resolution Practice & Procedures

The Board of Trustees has established this procedure for the resolution of all disputes between the Association and its membership as well as those between individual residents.   It is included herein by way of reference, a copy of which can be obtained from the Administration Office.


     A.  General:  The purpose of the following rules concerning various plantings (shrubs, trees and flowers) is to provide residents with the greatest degree of individual freedom relating to the location and variety of plantings consistent with achieving a reasonable cost of outside maintenance to the association.

     B. Foundation Planting:  Plantings may be made between a walkway and a building and in an area within 3 feet of a building.  However, care must be taken to provide grading away from the structure and not trap or obstruct the flow of water away from the building by installing a border (scalloped blocks or bricks).

     C. Maintain a minimum of 6 inches between the top of soil or mulch and aluminum siding so as not to encourage termites and also to expose termite  tunnels to view.

     D. Vegetable Gardens:  Maximum size 100 square feet and maintained so as to not become unsightly.  If a fence is required it shall not exceed 4 feet in height.  Vegetable gardens are not permitted on common grounds.

     E. Drainage:  It is very important that the proper drainage of rain water be maintained at all times.  Therefore, obstructing or altering the existing flow of ground water is prohibited.  If you question that a contemplated planting group might create future water problems, please contact the Board of Trustees.

     F. Warning:  Underground cables.  Before digging, call 1-800-272-1000 to request plotting and staking of TV cable and other utilities.

     G. Tree Removal:  Cost of tree removal is the responsibility of the homeowner.




           ·  Interior doors

           ·  Bi-fold doors

           ·  Accordion doors

           ·  Locks – Replacement

           ·  Screen and storm doors


           ·  Replacement of interior light fixtures

           ·  Replacement of attic fans

           ·  Door bell transformers

           ·  Thermostats for electric heat

           ·  Smoke alarms, hard wired or battery

           ·  Receptacle and switch replacement

           ·  Repair or replace original exterior light fixtures  (No bulbs)

           ·  Light bulbs 

           ·  Replacement of electric baseboard heaters

           ·  Carbon monoxide alarms


           ·  Toilet flush valve assembly

           ·  Minor plumbing leaks

           ·  New Moen faucets

           ·  Sink replacements (19” round only)

           ·  Moen cartridges

           ·  Toilet seats

           ·  Flapper (toilet )

           ·  Fluid master (toilet )

           ·  Toilet tank and bowl

           ·  Clothes washer hose replacement

           ·  Single lever washing machine valve

Garage Doors

           ·  Garage door springs  (complete sets only)

           ·  Safety cable for springs

           ·  Garage door bottom seal

Windows/Screens/Sliding Doors

           ·  Window washing  – Inside and Outside

           ·  Window balance spring  (installed in sets only)

           ·  Window screening

           ·  Window parts  if available (except glass)

           ·  Sliding door parts  if available (except glass)


           ·  Minor painting and spackling

           ·  Minor gypsum board (dry wall) repairs

           ·  Minor caulking  (tub/stall shower)

           ·  Shutter replacement

           ·  Repair gutters  and downspouts (unless due to forces of nature or fire)

           ·  Screen at crawl space entrance

           ·  Minor moving of appliance or furniture (Within Village 6 only)

           ·  Additional attic insulation

           ·  Attic stair maintenance

           ·  Extra gutter cleaning

           ·  Dryer vent cleaning

           ·  Transporting refuse  to the Manchester Recycling Center (Dump)

           ·  Retrieving or storing personal items to or from attics

           ·  Shrub and small tree removal

           ·  Installing and removing holiday lights and decorations

           ·  Fire extinguishers

           ·  Winterization:  Winterization of homes which will be vacant for long periods of time is offered by Village 6 for the prevailing flat rate, including shut down and the main water supply valve.  In addition, the local water company charges a fee for opening and closing.


Please call the maintenance office for any other item of work not listed under Chargeable Maintenance Services for availability from the Maintenance Department.

Regular Hour Chargeable Rates Per Mechanic (Including travel time)

           ·  0 to 15 minutes            $10.00

           ·  15 to 30 minutes          $20.00

           ·  30 to 45 minutes          $30.00

           ·  45 minutes to 1 hour   $40.00

Requests for maintenance work must be arranged with the Administration Office.  A work order will be prepared and the work scheduled with available personnel.  Please call 732-350-2656 to schedule work requests.  To prevent misunderstandings, the work order and estimate must be signed by the homeowner prior to starting work.

Homeowners will be billed for the cost of materials and labor at the completion of the work.  All payments are due upon completion, payable to the Village VI Community Association.


     (1)  Maintenance of Resident’s Homes

           ·  All roof repairs and vent pipe sealing. (Except roof alterations and add-ons)

           ·  Replacement of roof as scheduled.

           ·  Repair and replace damaged or missing siding, soffits and fascia members with current materials available (Due to forces of nature or fire).

           ·  Replace or repair defective hose bibs. (Unless due to negligence of Owner)

           ·  Repair or replace dryer vents on the exterior of the foundation.

           ·  Clean out gutters twice per year.

           ·  Repair or replace covers to crawl spacewhere warranted.  Screens under the covers are chargeable.

           ·  Repair or replace crawl space wall vents (screen portion only).

           ·  Repair of fallen or very minor replacement of missing insulation in crawl space; 1st layer only.  If moisture problem is present, it should be corrected at home owner’s expense.  Wet insulation must be removed and replaced at homeowner’s expense.

           ·  Spray for swarming hornets and wasps

           ·  Annual termite inspections and treatments if required.

 Maintenance of Resident’s Grounds

           ·  Grass cutting done on the contracted cycle (Weather permitting).

           ·  Grass, leaves and pine needles picked up (Spring and Fall)

           ·  All damages caused by either grass cutting (excluding sprinkler heads) or snow removal operations (only if resident gives notice within 48 hours).  

           ·  Prune trees affecting roof shingles, siding, fascia or soffits.

           ·  Repair or replace mailboxes, stanchions and wood support plates.

           ·  Repair or replace garbage can lids or in-ground containers damaged due to nature and normal use.

           ·  Painting of garbage can lids . (As scheduled )

           ·  Paint mailbox stanchions and wood support plates. (As scheduled )

           ·  Snow removal from driveway when snowfall exceeds 3 inches.

           ·  Snow removal from quad unit walkways with unattached garages.


           ·  Street sign repair or replacement as needed.

           ·  Painting of catch basin gratings.

           ·  Pot hole repair using cold patch.

           ·  Pavement crack repair using hot patch.

           ·  Snow removal when exceeding 3 inches.


           ·  Refer to Covenants and Restrictions.




Listed below are additional non-chargeable services and activities provided:

            ·  Private bus service

            ·  Fire insurance on all properties

            ·  Garbage collection  twice weekly

            ·  Legal support for the Association

            ·  Card playing activities

            ·  Library

            ·  Defibrillator on premises

            ·  Kitchen

            ·  Pool room

            ·  CPA support for the Association

            ·  Administrative support

            ·  Village Newsletter

            ·  Safety patrol

            ·  Emergency management

            ·  Emergency phone service after normal working hours



       The Village Maintenance Department will respond to any emergency call.  Management will

       determine if outside help is needed.  Some of the emergency work items are chargeable.  If

       there is a charge, the resident will be so informed prior to starting work.  Emergency telephone


                        During Working Hours:  732 350-2656 – 8:30am to 4:00pm Monday through Friday

                        After Working Hours:     609-548-8642 – 4:00pm to 8:00am Seven days a week

            After Hours Chargeable Rates Per Mechanic

                        (including travel time) plus cost of parts

                        •  One hour minimum          $72.00

            •  Heating system failure (Thermostat and/or heater unit replacement.)  Chargeable

            •  Lock-outs by key only.  (Necessary break-in repairs are chargeable.)

            •  Frozen pipes.  Thawing of pipes is non-chargeable, but repairs to plumbing damaged by      

                freeze up will be responsibility of resident.

            •  No electricity.  (Replacement of defective circuit breaker is chargeable.)

            •  Clogged toilets and drains.  Chargeable.

            •  Interior Plumbing.  (Emergencies will be handled by maintenance personnel if possible             

                and will be chargeable.)  Major plumbing repairs may require an outside contractor.

            •  Fallen trees needing removal is chargeable.     


14.  CLUBS

Resolution #15-011  Administrative Resolution.

Crestwood Village Six Board of Trustees is amending Article 14 of the Rules and Regulations.

October 7, 2016

RESOLVED:  The Board of Trustees of Crestwood Village Six Association wishes to reinstate and amend the original Article 14 of the Rules and Regulations of Crestwood Village Six by substituting a section regarding clubs, organizations and activities, and their functions.

1.  The Trustees are entitled to an audit of each club by an independent auditor upon request of the Board at least yearly, when deemed necessary, which will be paid for by the club.

2.  The Trustees must be given a financial statement of each club quarterly. These financial Statements must include documentation of all accounts, including income and expenses broken down.

3.  All clubs must obtain approval from the Board of Trustees for an event.